Active Transportation Planning

As an independent planning consultant since 2008, Tim Rogers has provided a variety of services to help New Mexico communities improve conditions for walking and bicycling as “active transportation.”  Clients have included local, state, and tribal governments, engineering firms, the University of New Mexico’s Prevention Research Center, NM Mainstreet, non-profit organizations, and planners in the private sector.

Tim has presented on this work at conferences held by the national Association of Bicycle Pedestrian Professionals (APBP), of which he has been a long-time member, the New Mexico Chapter of the American Planning Association (NM-APA), and the New Mexico Healthier Weight Coalition.  In 2015, Tim received national recognition for his statewide work to promote physically-active transportation in the form of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors‘ “Cullen Award.”

Please feel free to take a look at the following products of Tim’s work:

For more information, contact Tim at (505) 629-5647 or via e-mail: timro @ hotmail . com