Tesuque Viewshed

SFCT Conserved Land

10 conservation easements, 122 Acres


The Tesuque area is a lush river valley just north of the city of Santa Fe, and includes the village of Tesuque as well as Tesuque Pueblo. Throughout the Tesuque Valley, the Sangre de Cristo Mountain foothills play a major role in defining the beauty and character of the Tesuque area. Large portions of this land are visible from the Bishops Lodge Road and from several of the public trails that traverse Tesuque. Preservation of properties in perpetuity will protect the scenic views of Tesuque that are enjoyed by residents and the general public. Development throughout the Tesuque area is occurring rapidly; protecting it from further subdivision and development will help ensure that this natural area remains intact and available as wildlife and plant habitat in an area that is becoming increasingly fragmented.

In December 2012 Clare and Eugene Thaw gifted their 36-acre estate, under conservation easement with SFCT to The Santa Fe Institute. Now called SFI Tesuque, the land is used for quiet contemplation, focused work, and small-group collaboration intended to enhance the productivity and scholarly output of SFI researchers and visitors.