Conservation Plan

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust began creating a Strategic Conservation Plan (SCP) for its region in 2010 in direct response to the 2009 Strategic Operations Plan.  An ongoing process the SCP is updated and enhanced as we work to protect the lands of Northern New Mexico.

The Conservation Planning process includes:

  • Compiling data on the biodiversity of the region
  • Review of existing local, state and regional conservation planning efforts
  • Identification of existing protected areas (i.e., State and National Parks, Wildlife Management Areas, conservation easement lands, public lands and Wilderness Areas)
  • Identifying conservation goals for the planning region (i.e., protection of productive farmlands, buffering existing protected areas and connecting wildlife corridors)
  • Identifying conservation strategies to achieve conservation goals
  • A key component in the planning process is Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is a computer-based system that captures, stores, analyzes, and manages data linked to a geographic location. GIS is a powerful planning tool SFCT employs to create interactive queries, view and analyze spatial information, edit data, create maps and present the results of these operations.
  • Through our conservation planning efforts, SFCT identified Priority Focal Areas that represent landscapes where conservation opportunity and investment is greatest and where strategic conservation projects are at great need.