GUSTO Demonstration Projects


GUSTO Demonstration Projects are trail initiatives that are pursued by GUSTO partners in order to demonstrate the kinds of natural-surface connections we are trying to make. Several of the projects we have pursued were listed as soft-surface trail objectives with transportation significance in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan of 2012.




Working on the SFCC-Spur Trail Connector

(1) SFCC-Spur Trail Connector

This 0.4-mile trail linking Santa Fe Community College’s Fitness Center to the County’s Spur Trail was built in April 2016 with the assistance of Santa Fe County’s Volunteer Coordinator and students from The Masters Program.

 Work Days    Map

Celebration:  Publicity  Wrap-Up

(2) Dale Ball Central – Cerro Gordo Trailhead Connector

Dale Ball connector

This 0.4-mile trail through City land formerly housing a Water Division building trail will allow users to connect Dale Ball Trails’ Central and South sections without using Cerro Gordo Rd.  In May 2017, several hundred schoolchildren got a sneak preview of the trail, which is intended to channel foot and bike traffic away from less desirable routes that have been used informally for decades.

We anticipate completing and opening the trail with assistance from the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and The Nature Conservancy in Spring 2018.  Work has been delayed while the Water Division and City Archaeologist research the area adjacent to the Cerro Gordo parking lot.     Map

Contract archaeologist Ron Winters takes a preliminary look at the alignment of the Dog Park Connector

(3) La Tierra Trails – Dog Park Connector

This 0.6-mile single-track trail through City open space connects out to La Tierra Trails via two existing pedestrian gates on the west side of Camino de los Montoyas, and the paved “Montoyas Trail,” which passes under the Relief Route.  Another quarter-mile remains to get to the Dog Park via land belonging to santa Fe Public Schools.  0.6-mile alignment connects two existing pedestrian gates on the west side of Camino de los Montoyas.

Part of this long-awaited connection to La Tierra Trails through City open space was flagged with assistance from members of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe in December 2016.  The route was surveyed by an archaeologist in the Summer of 2017, through the generosity of the Larsen Fund.

Students from The Masters Program work on the Dog Park Connector tread

After long-awaited approval from the City’s Archaeological Review Committee and concurrence from the State Historic Preservation Office, the trail was completed by volunteers in February and March of 2018.


(4) Arbolitos Trail

Finishing off the Arbolitos Trail, Sept. 13, 2017

This trail northeast of La Tierra Trails follows the upper Arroyo de los Frijoles in order to provide a connection to Ridgetop Rd. that will otherwise be lost in the development of the “Arbolitos” subdivision within Santa Fe Estates.  Work on the trail was completed with assistance of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, who supplied volunteers, and the Arbolitos Subdivision, which provided rock, in mid-September, 2017.  Improvements to connections west to La Tierra Trails and east to the Cañada Rincon Trail will follow to fill out an important GUSTO connection.

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