Dale Ball Trails Work Day, August 14, 2014


Manny Maes recalls an interesting episode rounding this very corner. The trail tread should not get any worse now that storm water has been re-routed, but it will still be up to Manny to stay on his bike.


Thanks to recent moisture, tamping down loose soil where the trail surface had been disturbed was relatively effective. We were also able to observe how last week’s work held up to the rainstorms.




Seven volunteers and SFCT’s Trails Program Manager returned to Dale Ball Trails – Central, above Kachina Heights Rd.  The crew continued work to de-berm eroding areas to the south and to add “nicks” and touch up drains and grade reversals that we put in the precious trail work day.  We made it up and over the hill and down to the arroyo crossing north of Junction 14.  We are done with this area for now.


Jane Prouty drags a MacLeod across the berm to help release future storm water off of the trail. Not bad for a rookie!