Dale Ball Trails Work Day, July 15, 2014


Putting an end to a gully above junction 38.

Eleven volunteers joined SFCT’s City Trail Volunteer Coordinator, Tim Rogers, at Wilderness Gate Trailhead, for one last visit to City trails in this part of Dale Ball Trails South before moving on.  Given the recent rains it was a good chance to revisit work done in June on the way up to Junction 39.  The brunt of the new work, however, was around Junction 38 and north toward the Dorothy Stewart Trail.



De-slough and presto!


We built some grade dips, carved some nicks, de-sloughed to re-create tread, and de-bermed spots where we could re-route water off of this problematic, ridge-line trail.  Happy to say, we made it all the way to the bottom!  There’s still some work to be done on the other side of the Arroyo Polai, up toward junction 33 at the Dorothy Stewart Trail.  That will have to be programmed for a future date.


Muy problematico. South of junction 38.


Much better.











Four brand new volunteers, and we met a hiker on the trail who’s already on the list for next time!  Thanks to everybody for a very productive morning.