Dale Ball Trails Work Day, June 17, 2014


Starting off at Wilderness Gate Trailhead


Volunteers creating a subtle water diversion on the way up to Junction 39


Junction 40 – A critical six-way (or, depending how you measure it, seven-way) junction with great access from Dale Ball Trails to the Atalaya Trail.

Seven volunteers joined SFCT’s City Trail Volunteer Coordinator, Tim Rogers, and City staff member Leroy Pacheco at the Wilderness Gate Trailhead on the morning of June 17 to review work done on the way to Junction 39 earlier in June, add some downstream drainage mitigation below grade dips and other diversions, and tackle new erosion issues on city trails above and below Junction 39, in City Open Space, and on the way to Junction 40, which is located in Santa Fe County’s Talaya Hill Open Space.

Margaret Alexander and Steve Washburn of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe provided crew leadership, thank you very much Margaret and Steve!!!  In addition to a few reliable trail veterans from TAOSF and the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, two of the volunteers were first-timers recruited through SFCT’s mailing list and through an on-trail encounter during a work day last May.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in!  One group went up to Junction 40 and contemplated some of the new junctions that may be marked in Talaya Hill Open Space, and implications for wayfinding signage, as well as some small changes that have been proposed for the next edition of the Foothill Trails Map.  Input was later provided to the County, which has its own plans for marking, mapping and maintaining trails in this area.

The “upper group” returned to the trailhead via the bottom of Santa Fe National Forest’s Atalaya Trail, where it joined the “lower group” for a de-brief and despedida.   We got some more good erosion control work done, the Dale Ball Trails are looking better all the time, and a fun time was had by all.

Some discussion has followed about a perceived need for boundaries between City and County work within Dale Ball Trails.  County staff had been informed and invited but did not participate in this event, some of which was indeed on their side of the invisible boundary.  Although we did not encounter any hostile forces in the field, after this brief incursion into County territory, we will stick to bona-fide City trails from now on!

Here’s Joey’s tweet on the day, thanks for coming out and spreading the word, Joey!