La Tierra Trails Work Day, Sept. 9, 2014


Location near east end of frontage road where the fence has been cut and motorists have entered, some proceeding to La Tierra Trails. Fence wire was lightly re-attached, but judging from the number of tracks, the offending motorists can be expected to return.

Seven volunteers joined the Trail Volunteer Coordinator to address drainage and erosion issues at La Tierra Trails.  The group set out from La Cuchara Trailhead between junctions 21 and 24.  After cleaning out some subtle “drains” that had been created in the meadow area, the group moved on to slightly steeper terrain toward Junctions 22 and 19.  In this area, the work consisted of more standard de-berming to address eroding sections.


The meadow near La Cuchara Trailhead: Trail tread is being eroded by a gully but there are few opportunities to route water off the trail.


Most of the crew, posing at La Cuchara Trailhead. After a pretty good morning of work, still all smiles!










Some stray barbed wire was removed SE of Junction 21 and a pair of informal entrances into City open space, one used by motorists and one by hikers and bicyclists, were lightly “closed.”


Mini-trailhead parking lot at Junction 22, near the motocross track. Two out of three fence slats put back into place, and a few dead pinons put in the way, it can be expected that hikers and bicyclists may re-open this corner, which is a more convenient way to get to the trail than the gate in background right.  Hikers’ tracks are not so bad, but given the location, the opening in the fence would make it far too easy for curious motorcyclists or ATV riders to use to enter the non-motorized trails.