Dale Ball Trails, Central Section, Oct.-Nov.

Fortifying the bottom edge of the trail at a grade reversal along the “luge” on Halloween

Three volunteers joined the Trails Program Manager on Halloween to hike up the “luge” in the Central Section of Dale Ball Trails to de-berm a gullied section of trail between Junctions 19 and 20.  We also took care of various head-cuts and other spots where storm drainage was contributing to tread and soil degradation.

De-berming a long stretch of gullied trail between Junctions 19 and 20



On Nov. 8, with fresh snow in the mountains but sunshine below, we returned to the same stretch of trail with four volunteers to de-berm up to Junction 19 and a little beyond.  Each day we have had at least one new volunteer.  It’s always great to get fresh energy from new community members!

With moist soil on Nov. 8, we were able to fill in and pack gullies as we de-bermed the outside edge of the trail.