Whether large or small, your gift will have a direct impact on preserving New Mexico’s beautiful landscape. You can giveĀ  donations or stock (for stock, see below). You can volunteer your time and work to improve your own local living experience with us. You can put a conservation easement on your property with the Trust to protect your land and way of life forever. We promise that we will spend your contributions wisely and regularly update you on what your support accomplishes. But did you know that there are even more ways for you to support the Trust?

Additional Gifting for the Charitably Inclined
~information provided by Jane Terry of Jane Terry Financial Associates and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

There are advantages to charitable gifting – advantages that go well beyond just “warm feelings” and a tax deduction. Many gifts are made for purely unselfish reasons. Individuals who donate their time and talents to their church, synagogue, community organizations, education institution or other charitable organizations are often receptive of the idea of making monetary gifts to such charities, especially when they are shown tax-saving methods to do so. Reorganization of assets may provide greater income flow to a donor, and transferring assets to a charity eliminates taxation of them by any governmental unit. There are three popular techniques utilized in charitable giving: remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and gift annuities.

These three alternatives are explained further in the links below:

Implementing the concepts of charitable giving can help people obtain the optimum mix of monetary, social, and moral value from their assets. Charitable giving provides important advantages that can not only help you, but also make the world a better place in which we live. Of course, this brief article is no substitute for a careful review of your unique circumstances. Before implementing any significant financial planning strategy, contact your financial adviser as appropriate.

Give a Double Gift: Gifts from Your Investment Portfolio to Ours Benefit Both of Us!
Have you built up an investment portfolio over time? This might be your opportunity to derive a substantial tax benefit by converting your oldest or lowest-cost shares into a gift for the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. Gifts of shares owned more than one year may entitle you to a tax deduction (and no capital gains tax) for the full market value of your stock on the date of gift. You harvest the benefits of a long-held low-basis stock; realize a tax benefit; and further the work of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust.

Speak with your tax advisor and let us know if you have any questions.

Step 1: Contact Your Broker
Ask your stockbroker or brokerage firm to make a direct electronic transfer of the stock certificates to the Santa Fe Conservation Trust account. Call us for account information 505.989.7019 Give your broker our taxpayer identification number: 85-0418988.

Step 2: Contact Us
In order to properly acknowledge your gift please notify us as soon as your transfer instructions have been given to your broker. This is important because your broker will not necessarily notify us and our broker often does not know the originating source of the donation.

When you contact us please provide us with the name of the security or securities being transferred, the number of shares to be donated, and the name and phone number of your broker.