La Tierra Trails

Total Length:     25+ Miles

Hiking/Running:      Yes

Bicycling:     Yes

Equestrian:     Yes, in parts

Motorized Vehicles:     Yes, in parts

Dog Friendly?     Yes, with leash


The plan for La Tierra Trails was formalized by the city of Santa Fe in 2008, to develop a cohesive, multi-use trail system in the northwest quadrant of the city of Santa Fe. Work has been ongoing to improve the trails and provide debris and trash cleanup in the area. It is currently composed of a network of trails that make up approximately 25 miles of trail.

The Trust is a long-time supporter of the annual La Tierra Torture Race in Santa Fe, organized by CORE-Crew.

The most recent map of La Tierra Trails is available within the Santa Fe Foothill Trails Map 2015

For additional resources from the city of Santa Fe’s website, click here.