Dale Ball Trails Work Day, July 22, 2014


De-berming to allow water to leave the trail, on the way up to Junction 30.

Seven volunteers met with Tim Rogers, the City’s “Trail Volunteer Coordinator,” at Cerro Gordo Trailhead, to climb up above Junction 29 and work on the Dale Ball city trail segment on the way to Junction 30.  De-berming, de-sloughing, nicks, and a grade dip or two served to help deal with erosion issues on the steep climb above the “canyon” section of the trail.


Trail volunteer work is a great excuse to spend a summer morning up with the ponderosa pines.

We made it to the top, and I think that we made a big difference, but some of the volunteers feel that this stretch could use another work day.  (Next week, however, we are headed to Dale Ball Central.)  By the time we got back to the trailhead, a storm was looming.  Next visit, I’ll take a good look at how our work fared.  Thanks, volunteers!




Juan Alonso of Madrid (Spain), vying for city trail volunteer of the month – Thanks, Juan!

This section of trail is the answer to a trivia question: Name a city trail that is outside of city limits.  The land belongs to the Nature Conservancy but the trail easement belongs to the City.  Another valid answer to this question is the MRC Trail (see South Side Community Cruise).

New trivia question: Name a County Trail that is within City limits.  Do you know the answer?  E-mail me at tim@sfct.org