Dale Ball Trails Work Day, July 29, 2014


Volunteers rapidly turn an eroding gully into a smoothly sloped tread that sheds water.

A team of nine, including eight volunteers, worked on Dale Ball Central near Kachina Heights Rd. and Hyde Park Rd.  Rutting was very pronounced just above Kachina Heights Rd. due to recent rain and hail storms.  The group de-bermed and put in “nicks” and grade reversals from here to about halfway to the high point of the trail, toward Junction 14, which is where the most significant rutting problems end.

The moisture in the soil allowed for easier packing and tamping.  It will take another work day to finish off this section.  Today’s work also included “armoring” a problematic rocky turn and stopping to assess measures needed at the Canada Ancha crossing down the road, just south of where Dale Ball Trails crosses Hyde Park Rd.


A visitor from Natal, Brazil, stops to learn about volunteer work on City trails.  Bike: Mellow Velo.  Photo: Juan Alonso.


Canada Ancha Crossing, 3/4 mile downstream: Next time, Henry, next time!








Thanks to super-volunteer Henry Lanman for proposing this spot to work on.  And thanks to everyone who pitched in today.  I know our work will be tested real soon by more monsoons, and I am looking forward to seeing how it fares.