Dale Ball Trails Work Day, Sept. 16, 2014


The photo is fuzzy and the plaque is faded, but the Dale Ball Trails signpost is once again firmly implanted in the ground.  Thanks to some nice work by a proud posthole-digger, Joey Mascarenas, trail users know where to go next.

Three volunteers and the Trail Volunteer Coordinator returned to the location where Dale Ball Trail crosses Hyde Park Rd. and the Canada Ancha, between junctions 10 and 11.  We worked together to finish lining the culvert drainage next to the trail with more stones, to address some gullying on the trail to the south, and to re-install the Dale Ball Trails “ahead” sign (with arrow) which had been loose and leaning against a fence post for some time.


Bundles of loose barbed wire removed from the trailside below junction 10, on the hill in background.







Some of us also headed across the road to the north to inspect and touch up work previously done on the way up toward junction 10.  One particular mission was to remove downed barbed wire, of which there was plenty.  We will be back in this area in the future to empty out a clogged culvert east of junction 7.


Big MacLeod in his hand, Trails Alliance of Santa Fe super-volunteer Stephen Washburn stands by his labor of love to prevent further erosion of the trail tread.