Dale Ball Trails, South Section

Reinforcing a failing grade reversal

Six volunteers joined the Trails Program manager on the morning of Nov. 29 to revisit sections of the mostly “fall-line” trail on the ridge between Junctions 44 and 38.  For better or for worse, the weather continues to cooperate.

We put in or reinforced several grade reversals to route storm water of the trail and prevent further erosion of the tread.  We also de-bermed a few sections for the same purpose, and smoothed out the tread in one particularly rocky segment.

Teamwork to build up and pack down the dirt

The Trails Program Manager returned on Dec. 2 with a few more young recruits to touch up erosion control at drainages and to smooth out some of the grade reversals that we built earlier in the week.

Dec. 2: Adding the moisture that is needed for effective tamping

De-berming and building up the tread to route storm water off the trail

Gathering rocks for erosion control

Rocks in place to line the gully and slow down erosion